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Theo Allofs is a world-renowned and award-winning fine art landscape and wildlife photographer who has been photographing nature with a uniquely distinctive style for over thirty years. Known for his clean and discriminative creativity his fine art prints have been featured in museums and galleries around the world and his images have been published in most major magazines and newspapers including New York Times, National Geographic, Geo and Smithsonian Magazine. The collection on this site consists of carefully curated limited-edition fine art prints that are meticulously produced using the finest printing methods and materials available today.


The Collection

Salt mounts on salt pan

Limited Edition (100)

This edition is limited to 100 and includes a selection of Theo Allofs’ finest artwork taken all over the world, from small abstracts to grandiose arctic and desert landscapes in color and black and white.

Special Limited Edition

Theo has limited this edition to only 25. The selection includes images that have been taken in very special moments that would hardly ever or never repeat themselves. Furthermore this small collection best defines the artist’s unique style and technique within a wide range of themes.

Camels in Ennedi, Chad

Black  & White Edition

This edition is limited to 100. Theo Allofs has chosen images from all over the world showing “big” landscapes under dramatic clouds to such details as tiny enclosed methane bubbles in lake ice.


Art Collector Edition

The artist offers an edition of only 5 prints of carefully chosen images that have a special meaning to him. These high quality prints are especially curated for serious art collectors.