Nature Fine Art


“Theo Allofs is probably one of the most talented photographers I have ever come across ! He has travelled with us (Sunworld Safaris) throughout East Africa and we were lucky enough to use some of his absolutely stunning images for our web-site and our head office in Nairobi ! Everyone who visits our office always comments on the superb fine art prints we have placed in our visitor’s office space! One can literally feel the expression of the animal captured ! The finesse and definition of each of these images is captivating ! We are truly blessed to have such an avid and talented photographer travel with us and to admire these stunning wildlife and landscape images after! I cannot recommend Theo enough for anyone looking to purchase a “piece of art”, certainly a gift that is priceless and timeless.”

Gabriele Nowak, Nairobi, Kenya

“A picture that is not only stunning but it can also transport you back into your favorite place on earth, is more than just picture, it is a feeling captured in a magic moment. I am blessed to own one of Theo’s prints ‘Passing Patterns’. This print really shows the true colors and the greatness of the Salar de Uyuni that are so difficult to get on camera in just one photograph. Love and appreciate your inspiriting work Theo!”

Naomi Nishi, Berlin, Germany

“I am blessed to have a stunning print of a desert elephant in Namibia from Theo. It is the signature piece in my office and patients admire it and ask me about it all the time. Thank you, Theo for traveling so far to bring this image of our sublime natural world into my everyday space”

Dr. Eric Grasser, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Theo’s photos are simply beautiful, and his aerial shots in particular are incredibly impressive. Two large prints now grace the walls of my house and I’m sure I’ll never get sick of looking at them. The resolution and print quality are of the highest standard, and they arrived very quickly considering that I live in Australia. Very happy! 🙂

Dr. Nicola Markus, NSW, Australia

As soon as we saw Theo’s print ‘Flamingo Veil’ at a prestigious exhibition in New Zealand we knew we had to own a copy! It is a stunning image, beautifully shot with great depth and vibrancy. Flamingos are captivating in their colour, balance and grace, all of which Theo has perfectly expressed in this image.

Hearing about Theo’s challenging journey to photograph the flamingos adds to its allure – and his artistry.

Thank you Theo, we look forward to adorning our walls with more of your exceptional work.”

Nicole & Leroy
Auckland, New Zealand.

“I have two absolutely stunning prints (3′ x 4′ and 2′ x 3′) of the Namibian desert taken by Theo Allofs on the walls of my healing studio in Santa Fe. One was taken at sunset and the other at sunrise — the stark beauty, raw simplicity, divine essence and peacefulness that they invoke can only be captured by a true artist and soulful being who understands and connects with nature. My clients comment constantly how striking and lovely the fine art prints are. I’m grateful to be surrounded by them all the time. Thank you, Theo!”

Lori Cohen, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I was so delighted when I received my elephant print through the Remembering Elephants, please would you thank Jami for the lovely poem that was written on the print.  The print has price of place in our office and it looks absolutely stunning, we have had a lot of complements.

Vivien Jones, West Australia

“The perfect photo of a snowy owl (Bubo scandiadus ) in flight is one of the numerous results of a talented photographer, nature lover and passionate conservationist. It reflects Theo’s love for nature in the Arctic. His unparalleled patience when aiming his camera is remarkable and far beyond my capabilities.
Theo calls it luck to get the “perfect” shot.
None of his photos are digitally manipulated. This is hard to believe looking at the snowy owl in flight, because it has no background ! Why ? The whole captured scene happened in a ferocious snow storm in northern Quebec. Remarkable to have this kind of endurance in terms of looking through a 600 mm lens into a snowstorm .
The wide open yellow eyes are gleaming through the storm.
Also reflecting the mystique aura attached to snow owls leaving the observer unlimited space for fantasies.
I draw my geologist’s hat Theo to have your piece of fine art hanging on my office wall in a dominating position observing me at my desk controlling my work ethics on a daily basis.
Stay focused!”

Gerhard Jacobs, Calgary, Canada