India – Tigers & Colors

April 01-14, 2020

India causes a stimulation of our senses and is a country of stark contrasts: a plethora of vibrant colors, sweet smells of curry and coriander, deafening noise in the cities, silence and peace in the forest reserves, huge concentration of people during festivals or the empty deserts of Rajasthan. When traveling in India you will never experience a dull moment. India is one of the most fascinating, colorful, exciting and wildlife-rich countries in the world.

The 2 week long photo workshop will get you eye to eye with Bengal tigers in the wild and will lead you through narrow streets framed with blue-painted walls. You will walk on marble inside the most beautiful tomb in the world and on dusty streets through colorful spice markets. Every day will present you with an unforgettable Indian experience.

Theo Allofs has been to India a dozen times and spent in total more than a year there photographing wildlife, especially tigers, and people. During the photo workshop he will teach you special techniques to emphasize movement of wildlife, shooting unusual tiger portraits and he will show you how to include the environment into your wildlife frame. While strolling through the cities and palaces he will help you approaching and photographing people and street scenes at night.

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